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Springsfield University is a registered educational institution, limited by guarantee (Registered Number 862902). We are fully accredited by The Council for Higher Education Quality Assessment (CHEQA).

We welcome applications for admission into undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral degree programs, tailored to fit the schedules and career goals of students. Springsfield University is established for the benefit of deserving mature candidates all over the world. It is a place for personal and professional development. We offer Full-Time, Part-Time, and Online Distance Learning.

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Application processing, admissions, and registrations for the new academic session are currently in progress. You will receive your Admission Letter immediately after your completed Application Form is received and processed.

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On Campus Programs

Face to face Classroom Lectures available at the approved centres

We are currently accepting applications into full-time and online distance learning programs. Applications for admissions into any of our programs should be forwarded to the Admissions Office.

Full-Time Programs

Online Distance Learning

We offer excellently-centred Online Distance Learning

No matter your country or where you are located around the world, you can obtain our University Degree, at your own pace. Our online programs are accessible to all students worldwide. Apply now!

Online Distance Learning

Our Students' Opinions

Students' opinions count. See what our students have to say...

Join our thriving international online community of students from around the world, representing over 120 countries. New applications and admissions are currently in progress.Apply for study now.

Students' Opinions

Tuition Scholarships

Below are the scholarships available to all our students.

Most of it are academic scholarships and are awarded automatically upon acceptance of offer of admissions. Click on Tuition Scholarships below to view the available scholarships.

Tuition Scholarships


Our Faculty Staff will be your first point of contact for all academic and non-academic support matters. They will work with you to guide you on assignments and exams, discuss your progress and remind you about important calendar dates. They will direct you to the best learning resources.


We welcome students, scholars and partners from across the globe.

Kate Robinson

Head, International Admissions Office

We offer outstanding degree programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Robert Tilton

Dean of Studies

Experience real-world learning whether in the classroom or via online distance learning.

Arlinda C. White

Academic Registrar

The Springsfield University Graduate School partners with students to fulfil their potential.

Albert Cole

Head, The Graduate School



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Students Support "Campus Life"

Reliable and ongoing support is a very important part of successful learning. At Springsfield University we have a dedicated team of support staff who are there to provide you with academic, administrative and pastoral support and guidance to help you succeed in your studies.
Teaching Excellence

Springsfield's Standards of Teaching Excellence

Students will receive the good quality teaching and support from the Springsfield University's team of world-class instructors.

Why choose Springsfield?

Why choose Springsfield?

The perfect foundation on which to build a successful career development, with tuition scholarships to all students without regards to country, ethnic or race.

What will I gain?

What will I gain?

By studying for a diploma or degree, you will gain the application of learning to the workplace, among others.

Transfer Students

Transfer Students

We welcome all transfer students who have previously been enrolled at another college or university. Join us today!



Application processing, admissions, and registrations into the new academic session are currently in progress. It is easy and simple to apply for study now! We are here to help you succeed.

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